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p-NrrROSODIiMKTliYLANlLINK                     157

quantities  of ether.    The ethereal solution is de-

hy 1*.^ S&d    over solid caustic potash, the liquid filtered and the
*"    ~^iTi*>ved on ^1C wa-ter-bath.    The residue is now boiled
c:   >'i"Lllls ace^c anhydride, using an upright condenser, for
-.     ~~   r in.   the same flask, the side limb of which is stoppered.
^i              ja^<^iits are then distilled.    Unchanged acetic anhydride

Pas -     -   o^rr ilt 13O~I5 ; the thermometer then rises, and the
l^c5ili"K al 1 90 -200 Ms collected separately.    When the
tcn.iperature is reached, it is advisable to keep only the
^^^  f^le ^o^clenscr filled with  water.    The  distillate
i"^K*^lt: am^er colour.    Yield, 20 grams.    The residue in
s^     consists  of acetanilide   and  methylacetanilicle  and
^  on cooling'.

.s liquid ; b. p. 192'- ; 0*957 at 20.
"  Warm, with an equal volume of methyl iodide ; the
quatcrnary ammonium iodide will be formed,

*                                                              PREPARATION 60.
i                                     p-Nitrosodimethylaniline,
,oNN-CH:;)-                    /N(CHa)2   I
;                               Qll/     ;o     or     C(ill,<
>                                      V                       XNO       4
i-,   Caro, /)<v.,  1874, 7, 810 and 963 ; Meldola,  Trans.
C/K?M.   ^'i><~., 1881, 39, 37-
120 grins, dimclhyla.nilinc.
53           (45 c.c.) cone, hydrochloric acid diluted with
Ioo c.c. of water.
I 3           sodium nitrite (in 20 c.c. of water.)
THc   cliiiicthylaniline is dissolved in the dilute hydrochloric
acid  ixa  SL  Ijcakcr and cooled in a freezing mixture.    The sodium